Wednesday, May 23, 2007

comeing back to life in Mosul

I reached Mosul while it was raining, the Taxi was not alloed to enter the hospital due to some security causes so I walked for about 5 minutes under the rain… I was still worried because I did not saw Mosul before and was thinking about how would the hospital look like and whether the house of doctors will be comfortable… and above all that the travel from Baghdad to Mosul took 9 hours in car and I was very tiered.. but rain let me really feel am traveling, I was not prepared for this rain, it never rain this time in Baghdad, so I did not bring any umbrella or clothes to walk under this rain.. I walked few meters fast.. get wet enough.. I decided I walk at ease.. walking fast won't help.. I let that rain to take some of the sorrows of Baghdad away from my mind..
My first day in Mosul was good and the second day I was welcomed by my colleagues and senior psychiatrist (8 senior psychiatrists and 8 resident doctors in psychiatry) and in the evening what surprises me is that there is no sounds of bullets in the neighborhood..
I went out to the garden and took these pictures to IBN SEENA general hospital in mosul..

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