Friday, November 06, 2015

Rust Rests in my Heart

My tongue prefers olives over chocolate.
My eyes prefer scratches of the blind,
over perfect circles.
My ears tune to electric guitar over-drive.
And rust finds its rest,
in my heart. 

I bought a white board and put it my room hoping that I would use it by writing the TO DO list everyday, but as that list is always a matter of postponement, that white board's function was postponed too. Its whiteness annoyed me so one day I was about to throw an old magazine of art then the idea came to me, that I attache some pictures of paintings at the board. And since about two weeks the scene was this: 

I thought that nude woman will stimulate my desire, but that never happened though I sometimes contemplate in her back, in her fluffy back. Maybe that black lady is more desirable to me. Actually I see more beauty in those pictures to the right: the cat, the trash bin. 

From plants I like cactus 
From painters I like Lautrec
And Al-Jawahiri I prefer the shivering stars
over the full moon

And Venus was corned to the side
Angels faded in their sinless whiteness
Violet clothes took their ease sun bathing
After another violent day in Baghdad


tracy said...

This is lovely Sami...I missed your writings

tracy said...

I so understand the list of "To Do's"....I have so many, but have been too down to do anything but the necesstites

saminkie said...

Thank you Tracy for visiting my blog again and for encouraging me with your always kind words. This will stimulate me to write more posts soon. Thank you my dear friend.