Monday, November 28, 2011

The Man who Stares at Flies

Another morning. Still functioning in the waiting mode. Waiting the answer to my job application. The coffee types in Iraq are not the same to those in Algeria. I miss Algeria. Is that evident?

Putting the coffee down I held the novel: The Men who Stare at Goats. I spent the last night with my dictionary reading it. It is so funny. But, reading in the morning is more difficult since, the weather is warm, and the flies are active.

I put the novel down. Put a drop of my coffee on the cover and ordered one of the flies with few clear words: Land, Drink, Coffee. And you know what? She obeyed!!!

To confirm my abilities I ordered again: Enough, Leave!!!

She subdued quitely and sadly.

I think I got super psychic powers.

My neighbour brought me broccoli. I fried the broccoli and grilled an eggplant. I enjoyed the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

عزيزي سامي النبيل
السلام ن عليكم ورحمة الله المنهمرة وبركاته المتدفقة
أولاً دعني أتمنى لك عاماً هجرياً مباركاً مفعماً بالعطاء والبركة والازدهار
لك ولي ولكل العراقيين النبلاء والناس الطيبين في العالم

معلوماتي المتواضعة بالقهوة كشفت لي أن أجود ما موجود منها بالعراق هو
بن العميد
أقترح عليك تجربته

التوقيع: صائد شمعات الشحن

saminkie said...

يا صائداً شمعان الشحن من ليلي الدامس، يا منيراً ظلمات روحي بصوته الهامس، شكراً للنصيحة البنـيّة المتقهوئة. يا عميد البن أبدل إسمك، فما العميد إلا صائد الشـَمَعاتِ

tracy said...

i love this story and photos, my friend.

Thank you so much.

i have heard that book and film are very funny...must see...or read!

Be well,

Arabic is such a beautiful language...oh, to be able to write it!

saminkie said...

Hi Tracy my friend, thanks for your words. Glad that you liked it dear friend. Arabic letters are beautiful, I agree with you. Take care. Sami.