Friday, May 14, 2010

Green Love

Friday it is and Baghdad is calm again. The streets are almost empty from the ugly cars and no irritating horns are heard for a while.

Next to Dijla those men are succeeding in remembering us of our identity, of our smell and existence. All ages gather to hear the sound of wisdom. Hand in hand, Kullita and Ninatta (Goddesses of music) came out of Dijla and started dancing for us.

Ahmed Khalaf was talking about Fuad Al Tikarly and about the behavior of the novelist and the relation between behavior and writing. I remembered that Hussain Sarmak, the Iraqi psychiatrist, had written a text about Ahemd Khalaf novels. I started searching for the novels.

Tarek Harb started talking about the novelists who were lawyers since Fuad Al Tikerly was a lawyer. He mentioned Kazantzakis, who was a lawyer as he said, and started talking about the lawyer in merchant of Venice and the trial stating that Shakespeare had broke a rule in courts because he wasn’t a lawyer, since the flesh got blood in it, then the final rule of the judge was wrong, according to Tarek Harb.

It was a hot dusty afternoon but after I was heading to my home, Baghdad had drawn me a childish green heart on her ugly walls. Well Baghdad, me and my friends, love you.


jnana said...

Baghdad remains beautiful no matter what. You are lucky to be there- there are many Iraqis all over who have been deprived of their land and their air.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with us the latest from Baghdad. Keep up the great work.
شكراً على هذه التدوينات --- كعراقي في المهجر، العيش في الوطن عبر عيني وتجارب أخ عراقي آخر... شيء لا يثمن.
فألف شكر وشكر لك.
تحياتي من لندن.

tracy said...

You know, that sweet green heart is is lovely...

saminkie said...

Tracy, that green heart is for you :)

tracy said...

Oh, Sami, what a kind comment, truly you made me feel so much better.
Thank you!

saminkie said...

Tracy, your lovely kind comments always made me feel so much better. Thanks for everything!