Monday, May 17, 2010


Today’s temperature at the afternoon was 41 Centigrade (=105.8 F) in Baghdad. Many got to walk for a distance before reaching where they can take a bus back to their home. At the main cross roads in Baghdad they are building either tunnels or bridges. Soil and dust is everywhere. Most go out from work somewhere between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm. Most are hungry, got a headache, and feeling hot, and got to walk across those cross roads to reach where they can find busses which have no air-conditioning.

I was so hungry so I went to the nearby old Baghdadi quarter to have my lunch in a simple public restaurant. Went for a walk and felt so tired again and found that café. Cold water and a cup of tea were great to refresh me. I asked for another cup of tea and opened my newspaper (Al Mada, =the horizon to find this caricature (by Adel Sabri)

To the left stands a man representing the “hot summer” and to the right a man representing the “electricity crisis” and the poor Iraqi citizen is wrapped in the stick they hold him in, above that fire.

I found a friend and we went to reach home together. I wondered about other papers caricatures and searched for them in the google. Yesterdays issue of Al Esbouya (the weekly) journal has a symbolic cover. The British election Vs Iraqi election, flowers Vs Cactus.

Cactus appear again in Al Alam (the world) newspaper issue of today put in a long table and empty two chairs and man waiting at the door for the proposed meeting of the “opponents” as the newspaper states.

Al Zaman (the time) wrote above its caricature: all in the government and the others are opposition forces. Making the note that all want to be in the executive part of the government and no one like to be as a member of the opposition forces in the parliament.

Al Sabah (= the morning) caricature of today:

liked another caricature from Al Sabah published before days and it needs no words.

Sorry for not mentioning the names of other cartoonists but it is not clearly written in Arabic, only of Al Sabah which might be read as Abdul-Raheem.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful - I love the snippets of Baghdadi life and newspapers that you share with us. Keep up the great work.
ألف شكر؛ ممتع.
تحياتي من لندن.

Laura said...

The cactus is a tough, adaptable survivor that endures despite terrible hardships. (Not to idealize or excuse the misery. Still.)

Thank you, Sami. I so appreciate seeing your perspective.

saminkie said...

Hi Laura,
Cactus is used as ornamental plant by many Iraqi. It is a lovable plant to us. But in the Caricature the symbol maybe to: patience, thorns, slowness, and desert with all its heat, dryness and loneliness.

Hope that our cactus would have all the positive characters also.

Thanks for the visit dear Laura.

3eeraqimedic said...

Hi Sami
Thanks for taking the time to post in that heat!, what will happen in Aab Al-Lahab he he and I loved the title :)

saminkie said...

Hi 3eeraqimedic
Aab El Lahab, yi7rig El Busmar Bil Bab, just before minutes I was walking with my friend outside and thought about how much I love winter.
Thanks for the visit 3eeraqimedic :)

tracy said...

Hi Sami,
i love these editorial cartoons that show some of Iraqi life in Politics and everyday...thank you so much for this post.
i wish you all the very best always my friend,

saminkie said...

Hi Dear Tracy,

Glad that you liked the post. Wish you all the best dear friend.

Don Cox said...

As global warming progresses, it is likely that the summers in Iraq will get hotter. I wonder if the point will be reached at which the country becomes uninhabitable?

(Like Death Valley in California.)