Saturday, March 07, 2009

A la Recherche du Temps Baghdadi Perdu

Remebrance of Baghdadi Things Past

I took a day off from work to complete some papers regarding my father's retirement. I don't like the retirement crowded old building. as soon as I finished the papers I went out to the river and took a boat to Al Mustanseria school of Baghdad. Now I know I like old buildings of Baghdad.

Then I walked to al Mutanabbe street to find Al Mada library has just opened its new building which was very stylish to a degree that made me feel so happy.

Afifa Iskandar went with me upstairs talking about how much Abbas Jameel is talented while Jammouli went jealous.

Al Jawahiri greeted Afifa Iskandar with a poem.

On the music of Iraqi Makam I found my way to Abdul Khaliq Al Rukab Novel "the 7th day of creating".

While 2 US army helicopters were leaving a young man named Saif (= sword) asked me to take a picture for him with the Iraqi flag which was waving next to Al Kushla clock.


Laura said...

Thanks for taking us on your outing. I note you are never without friends, Sami. That is no surprise.

sami said...

That young man saw me taking pictures to the Iraqi flag. He came and stood and said: "go stand there and take a photo for me". I did that. I asked him if he got a camera or want me to give him the photo. He said: "no, keep it for you as a souvenir, Hamza! Hamza! come see how wild is the wind here" he continued shouting to his friend who came running. People are kind, with them life worth living.

Laura said...

To be sure, the friends you meet in each day, but also, I meant your friends, the poets and thinkers and dreamers throughout time....I love the way you write and weave, Sami.

sami said...

Thank you Laura.

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