Sunday, March 15, 2009

I believe

I believe in Hera, the queen of heavens. Her chariot was pulled by a peacock through the skies.
I believe that Aphrodite made a fault when she hided Adonis in a coffer. Another goddess took him out heralding the end of heaven and start of day and night, spring and autumn.

Don't imprison your beauty.


Laura said...

Sami I wanted to link you to a scene from Fellini's movie "Amacord." In it, villagers come out in the early morning to the joy of the season's first snow. After minutes of play, we hear an eerie call, and people look around to see a white peacock on the village fountain. As they watch in pensive silence, he calls again and then displays his glorious plumes. It is one of my favorite memories, that I play in my mind when times are sad. I went through many youtubes, but couldn't find the scene. Perhaps you'll see it one day.....

thank you for the post. And the reminder.

Sami said...

I hope I will see that film one day Laura. Thank you for the visit.