Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Read With The Candles

In Iraq we live without contiuous electricity power supply since 1991. That means that all the Iraqi students must have sometimes studied at night on the light of candles. Iraqis had been known since long time as good readers. It was sayed that Cairo reads, Beirut publishs, and Baghdad reads. Since years and Iraqies read at night with the candles' light.

That was my picture reading a newspaper at night with the light of a candle. These day the national electricity supply is only about 8 hours a day. The rest of the time we take elecricity froma local electricity generator for which we pay about 4 US Dollars for the one Ampear.

This is the picture of our local elecricity generator. It makes a lot of noise and waste products but we love it and can not live without it especially in the hot summer nights.


The Imaginary Diva said...

Thanks for passing by my site today.

Sometimes we just take things forgranted because it has just become so convenient. It's good to know that there are people in this world that do rise up to the challenge.

Thanks for being an inspiration for all of us.

Anonymous said...

hello sami abo al bas kasasi
alif mabrook 3lla almoki3 al hillo
atmana lak kol al alnga7 fi dirastak

The Cowardly said...

woah woah waoh, wait...how much of the Iraqi population reads for fun?7?sure in the old days the number of educated was high, but now, the Iraqi youth is busy with body building,girls,text messages, and "Kahawi"

saminkie said...

An old saying said: Cairo writes, Beirout publishes, and Baghdad reads. I think it is still true. I remember the 90s, when we had no enough food, and we were gathering in Al-Mutanabbee every Friday and buy used books. Glad to have a comment on an old post of mine. Thanks for the visit and for the comment.