Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Evidence Based Medecine EBM

There are many who thinks that in psychiatry, scientists say whatever comes to there mind. I have heard many people who mistrust this branch of medicine. These people sometimes are unfortunately working in specialities got many things in common with psychiatry like psychology, sociology, philosophy, pharmacology, and most unfortunately some medical doctors!

There is what is called as EVIDENCE BASED MEDECINE since 1980s or maybe before. To make it simple to understant what that means let us explain it this way : the facts in medecine these days always contain NUMBERS ! e.g. we do not say these days that schizophrenia run in famillies, but we say like this " in a classic twin study of schizophrenia, Gottesman & Shields (1972) found in their sample 11 concordant and 11 disconcordant pairs of monozygotic twins and 3 concordant and 30 disconcordant in dizygotic pairs of twins".

This makes information in all branches of medicine more near to the truth if not absolutely true. And these days all the information that came from the past is retested and many theories had been rejected because they could not be proved in experiments.

And I heard alot about people saying nonsense about psychotropic drugs. I have heard a well know psychologist in a famous arabic T.V. channel says that antidepressants lead to irreversible intoxication and dependency. Do not believe that a drug is still being sold in the market and there is a prove that it causes too much harm than its benefits. And many of us had heard stories about how drugs were withdrawn from the market as soon as a dangerous side effects were reported.

But remember that all drug if not used right are dangerous.

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Mary Ann said...

I agree. The very nature of a drug is a forigen substance intruduced into the body to create or inhibit a reaction. In some people the reactions are not desired where in others the results are amazing, even life saving.

Now that school is over I have had some time to read more of your posts and I must admit that I am intriqued!