Saturday, April 29, 2006

What Do You Think of Psychiatry?

When I was in the fourth year in the colledge, my uncle asked me about which speciality in medecine I like. When I answered : PSYCHIATRY, my uncle's face turned into yellow and he took a long time of silence as if something dangerous or wrong has happened. Then he told me that no one will visit me to my clinic if I will be a psychiatrsit. That was not strange especially if you know how people in Iraq look to this speciality.

I remember one of the best doctors whome I was working under his supervision, I liked him very much, and respect his point of view . When he knew about my decision to be a resident doctor in psychiatry he was surprised and told me : but Sami listen, what you gonna do for crazy people? they do not need you.... they got the street open to them to run in one will come to your clinic!

A friend of mine who also chosed psychiatry as a career told me about the minute his father knew about his choice of studying psychiatry, his father told him: if you chose this branch of specialization, I will no more be your father!

And that obliged my friend to postpone his studies for one year so that he will not lose the love of his father, and fortunately during that year he succeeded to change his father's point of view. In Iraq it is considered very bad to make your parents discontent about you.

As you see from the above story, in Iraq , the picture of psychiatry is still not clear to peolple and many think that the psychiatrists themselves got some kind of mental illness.


Anonymous said...

why do not you go to psychiatist to treat you i think that you have an inferioroty complex regarding being a psychiatrist.
or why do not you change your branch so you can feel again a humanbeing

Oppositional Defiant said...

erm, salam. my curiosity was triggered by your comment and I felt like visiting your blog. & when I saw that "psychiatrist" label, I was a bit surprised bcauz that was my dream job.

from the very early ages, smth like b4 primary school, it was in my mind to be a doctor and this idea got shaped through late secondary, into the idea of being a psychiatrist. however, due to some reasons, I couldnot attend school of medicine. well, I am trying to say, about what I think of psychiatry, I simply love it. I read a lot on it till I was feeling like a psycho and a psychiatrist at the same time. lol.

yet another thing I want to add is on the situation. u know, the view on this branch of science in Turkey was not that different and it was not bright until very close years. but things can change and do change & maybe in Iraq, you, the psychiatry graduates ll be the ones to change it. just keep your strength and defend your ideas if you really want things to change. you may face hard events, there might be the ones trying to dissuade you but, "Indeed after hardship comes ease." Qur'an [94:6]

actually I have more to say, but I dont want the whole comment part filled with mine. phew, this topic really makes me talk a lot.

anyways, may Allah help u achieve good things in Iraq, ppl need that. ws.

Roy said...

In the West also, Psychiatry has many detractors. Yes, we also sometimes suffer from the sterotype that we psychiatrists must be crazy too. All in a day's work.