Friday, April 28, 2006


Wellcome to my blog, it is about my interests which I think many share me: PSYCHIATRY comes first cause am a resident doctor in psychiatry hoping that I will be a specialist in 4 years; IRAQ HISTORY cause am iraqi and like history especially the summerian and babylonian era; and all the siences that are linked to both psychiatry and Iraq history and that will be a long list.....
well you gonna have nice time with my blog...


Mandy said...

Hi. I just randomly clicked on your blog. I am sure it will be an interesting read. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doctor,
You doctors of psychiatry are great because you shed light on the most mysterous organ of the human body ; the brain.
besides, when a psychiatrist diagnosed his patient's illusions, the patient accuses his doctor of conspiracy? What a great work is this???

Anonymous said...

you are great doctors, shedding light to the most mysterous part of the human organs; i.e. the brain
And once you succeed to diagnosed the patient's illusions , the patient accuse you of conspiracy. see how great you are?

Ali_omari said...

My dear colleague Sami
I am very happy &feeling proud to find such an Iraqi mind ,who is so beutiful to make us ejoying reading such complex subject.
I hope that your blog become source of inspiration to doctors first &to people in general .
I am working on phenomenological version of psychiatry,so i need your help in making my opinion valid.I hope we get mutual enlightenment
your colleague Ali

Komal, India said...

To A Wonderful Person called Sami,

Your deeds speak louder than your words.

- It needs a special mention that the endless effort put in by you in the field of psychiatry cannot go unnoticed. It is truly inspirational especially for the youths of all nations that inspite of living amid the air of political uncertainty and war, you have remained focussed.
- The experience to travel through your site was rejuvenating for me.
- Though your efforts, at this juncture, seem to be just the beginning of your vision, and the road ahead is long, I wish success embraces you Always !
- Its my desire, your Site prooves to be an Insight in the lives of scores of people.
.....From your friend, Komal, India

DrivingMissMolly said...


You sound like a wonderful man and doctor. Charm, enthusiasm and simple joy come from your descriptions.

Bless you.


Anita's said...

Hello, Doc.

Ive read your blog. ( a very interesting one, i must admit).

Have you read Lev Vigotsky (though and language) ?

I would like to invite you to visit my blg: