Thursday, March 05, 2015

A French Kiss.. to my Wife

I came today to home after three days at work. At the site of the work I have to spend nights at a hotel, because the logement in the University is not enough for all the staff. So, I came back today and was on my way to the market in my quarter to buy a kilo of oranges when I saw one my neighbours who started asking me thinks like:

"How many days are you spending there in your work? Are you spending your days good there?"

And then soon followed:

"Why don't you marry? You need to marry soon. This is important."

If he would repeat these silly remarks I would ask him:

"Did I bring prostitutes to the neighbourhood and worried you? Did I looked at your wife? At your daughter? If the answer is no, then please do not ask me again why I don't marry, this is my business."

I was thinking about that when in the T.V. they said that in Lebanon there is a movement towards the support of Civil Marriage. And I liked that much !!!

I really love Lebanon..

And France.

What I am doing here in Iraq???


Zaid T. Jawad said...

Iraqi Laws for Marriage is more advanced comparing to Lebanon or ME in general.. that was after 1958, we got civil marriage with no restrictions for different sectors or religions while in Lebanon they have to go to Cyprus to get married if they are difference in religion, the only disadvantage is that these laws were made for society ruined by wars and absence of law.

saminkie said...

Yes what you have said is so true Zaid, you said what I wanted to say in that the civil laws were ruined by wars. Thanks for the visit and for the comment. Your comments encourage me to write more, since there is somebody reading. Yours, Sami.

John said...

I am also reading :) From Lebanon! Your blog is amazing! Please keep writing and iza bidak bayti baytak fi beirut :)

saminkie said...

thanks John you are so nice friend :)