Friday, September 27, 2013

The Somnambulistic and the Sun

She stands before you naked 
you can see it, you can taste it, 
and she comes to you light as the breeze. 
Now you can drink it or you can nurse it, 
it don't matter how you worship 
as long as you're 
down on your knees. 

He woke up that day feeling numb and while he was taking on his clothes he started regurgitating his dream as a phlegmatic breakfast. He went walking for work feeling dazed with a constant hiss in his ears. While he was walking he noticed that the sun is facing him so he decided to keep "staring at the sun" till somebody looking like Robin Williams appeared and said "hi". The somnambulistic didn't answer. "If you keep looking at the sun," said the Robin Williams-like man, "your eyes will hurt." The somnambulistic didn't even blink. Partly out of obstinacy. "Your eyes will turn red," said the Robin Williams-like man worried "and they will hurt." The somnambulistic, hearing that, didn't resist a fade of a smile to draw itself into his numbed face. "It is the sun that will turn red!" said the somnambulistic, partly out of grandiosity "and not my eyes." It was time for the Robin Williams-like man to go playing some few other roles in his virtual life of the cinema-like quality till the apple might get more ripe.      

So I knelt there at the delta, 
at the alpha and the omega, 
at the cradle of the river and the seas. 
And like a blessing come from heaven 
for something like a second 
I was healed and my heart 
was at ease. 

The second day the young man woke up anxious. His breakfast was bitter. He even smoke cigarettes. While at work he wondered why he did keep staring at the sun that other day. He remembered that Robin Williams-like man. The files were thick at work and he forgot himself till a woman named "Life" appeared and asked him for a loan. He refuses. She said: “Some Refuse the Loan of Life to Avoid
the Debt of Death”. 

O baby I waited 
so long for your kiss 
for something to happen, 
oh something like this. 

And you're weak and you're harmless 
and you're sleeping in your harness 
and the wind going wild 
in the trees, 
and it ain't exactly prison 
but you'll never be forgiven 
for whatever you've done 
with the keys. 

O baby I waited ... 

The somnambulistic woke up numb in the third day. He had many dreams. Phlegmatic dreams he likes to call them. Because they are as cold and real as life. Not bitter nor sweet. Tasteless. Numb as a paralyzed limb he held up his body and went walking to meet the sun. The sun is yellow and hot. The Robin Williams- like man came and tried to make fun of him by giggling. The somnambulistic spitted phlegm on the ground next to the Robin Williams-like man feet and walked away. The Robin Williams-like man chased him and told him how he played the role of a psychiatrist in a movie named "Good Will Hunting" since they had met that day and ".. your constant staring at the sun is a disorganized behavior that might hurt your sight." 

It's dark now and it's snowing 
O my love I must be going, 
The river has started to freeze. 
And I'm sick of pretending 
I'm broken from bending 
I've lived too long on my knees. 

In a gathering in the fourth day he was told that he is a child. They belittled his efforts. They left him thinking that they believe that he is selfish. That he caused their suffering. He started blaming himself. He couldn't feel love. He decided to chose loneliness as a way of life so that not to hurt, and not to be hurt. Snow started falling and he lied on the ground and slept. 

Then she dances so graceful 
and your heart's hard and hateful 
and she's naked 
but that's just a tease. 
And you turn in disgust 
from your hatred and from your love 
and comes to you 
light as the breeze. 

O baby I waited ... 

When at the fifth day that woman with that strange name "Life" was accompanying the Robin Williams-like man. The somnambulistic numbness gave to a warmness in the heart. The sun turned little orange when the lady said: "Be Yourself!" The somnambulistic realized that since days he didn't drink water so he asked her for a glass of water. "There is a well near your working place. Its water is cold and clean. You will be the first one to discover it and once you drink from it the water will keep rippling. Rippling so that others will remember and care for you."
There's blood on every bracelet 
you can see it, you can taste it, 
and it's Please baby 
please baby please. 
And she says, Drink deeply, pilgrim 
but don't forget there's still a woman 
beneath this 
resplendent chemise. 

The sixth day was an anxious day. There was many work yet the young man was feeling warm and energetic. The woman named "Life" came running and said in a hurry: "You are close to that well. The key will unlock with the password ETERNAL RECURRENCE!". She smiled as she said that and waved at him a kiss and went away.   

So I knelt there at the delta, 
at the alpha and the omega, 
I knelt there like one who believes. 
And the blessings come from heaven 
and for something like a second 
I'm cured and my heart 
is at ease

At the seventh day the somnambulistic woke up numb and took his phlegmatic breakfast of dreams' contemplation and went walking heading to work and again that fresh sun appeared as a one-eyed clever observant. When the Robin Williams-like man came back after he had finished some role playing during the last days with some extra pains in more knees and teeth the somanmbulstic knew that that actor is nothing but himself. He kept looking unblinkally at the sun that kept showing her yellowness stubbornly for a while till she started to turn orange. The somnambulistic actor wakes up into the young man and takes the orange and starts to peel the chemise while the sun, this time, starts to turn rosy.

What a rumbling!

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