Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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The painting is of Faik Hasan. The music is taken from one of Chopin "Polonaise"s which he composed for the love of his country. The writing on the wall in the last picture reads: "Iraq"


Anonymous said...

it is a very hard and tragic situation
some unknown criminals are continually killing us
on the other hand, we are weaponless, peaceful, and humble dreamers
only God is able to save us..
God and may be love..
cause when someone loves
he will never care about things, even death
God bless us friend

saminkie said...

Yes dear friend you are right. That Wednesday made me speechless for a while, and i could not publish anything till now. Hope things would get better for all of us.

Anonymous said...

disaster,great Iraq dosent deserve that.God bless u brother

Anonymous said...

May be its the strange Iraqi character that seems to be full of Contraries.And after all I believe that Iraq is on the hands of Iraqi people that owns this country

Sami said...

Sure it is in our hands and we are the first who must be blamed for it. Iraq as a growing democracy is a threat to most of its neighbours and they used to communicate with each other by explosions.

The first to be blamed is still we, the Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

عَجـبْـتُ لِوسْع صَدركَ يَا عِراقُ

تـحَـمَّـلَ في الأذى مَـا لا يُــطاقُ

حَــوَادِثُ نِـقـمَـةٍ في كـل يَــــوْمٍ

يُـؤجِّـجُـها الـتَّـطــرُّفُ والنّـفـاقُ

وفيها الموْتُ يَحْصِدُ دُونَ وَعْي

فَـلا وَقـْــتٌ لـديْــهِ ولا نِــطــاقُ

ويتْركُ خـلـفَهُ الأنـقاضَ تحْـكِي

ولا نـدْري لأيِّ مَـدًى يُـسَاقُ
ولدي العزيز
شاهد اصدفائي العرض في سهره رمضانيه
وتالموا وكانو طبيب وشاعر ورسام وموسيقار وفي اليوم التالي استلمت هذه الابيات التي تصور صوره المشاعر الانسانيه بين البشر

Sami said...

شكرا لهذه الكلمات الجميلة

البرجوازي العراقي said...

الابيات رهيبة ..
ماهو اسم الشاعر؟؟

saminkie said...

لا اعرف اسم الشاعر. اذا عرفته سارسله لك