Sunday, May 17, 2009


I reached the procession street. The street of old Babel where they were making their celebrations and rituals. Then I reached the palace.

Wall after wall, gate after gate, I passed into the dazzling corners of Nebuchadnezzar's southern palace.
Seven walls to embrace 5 squares. Seven gates Ishtar passed to visit the underworld.

in every gate, Ishtar would take off something she wore. She asked the guardians of the gates why she should do that the myth say. They answered to reveal the truth.

When I passed the last gate, I found Saddam's palace above a hill. They say under his regime, he ordered to renew the buildings of Babel and to put his name on the bricks.

Were all these buildings real?
I saw dead palms.
I felt sad.

I felt disappointed but when I came closer to Saddam's palace and I saw many young people walking happily in its gardens I remembered how much people of Hilla are practical, they made it a hotel. Wow.

I hope that new palms will be planted here.


Touta said...

is this the passage where Ishtar goes to visit Tamuz in the underworld?

She loses a part of her beauty everytime she passes one of the gates mu?

Nice photos. :)

saminkie said...

Hi Touta, these are the gates to the squares of the Southern palace of Nebuchednezzar.

I found seven walls so i linked it to the seven gates of the underworld where Ishtar went. I think Ishtar went at first, Dumuzi followed her, she came out but Dumuzi stayed.

I am not sure of the sequence i just said but i will read it for you Touta and publish it soon i hope.

Thank you for your care.