Monday, July 07, 2008

My Last Day in Al Rashad

It was my last day in Al Rashad hospital. Next day I would take my papers that say that I have finnished training there. It was afternoon when I went to visit the rehabilitation unit to take a final look at the paintings there. I saw them finnishing there training on the theatre. The training nurse welcomed me and asked that young woman to repeat the last scene so that I can see it. She went back and started her highly emotional scene that ended in crying. At the end we started applauding but she stayed crying for few seconds then said to the nurse with some childish like complain: "you always make me cry by lettingme repeat this scene". They all laughed. She laughed too.
We went after that to the painting room to drink some tea. There were about 10 inpatients and 2 nurses and one cleaner and me. I looked at the drawings in the room and knew that I will miss so much those who draw them and those who could not draw them.
I wondered if I am allowed to take a picture to the room. I said "NO" to myself. But later at the house of doctors I saw this magazine with a picture of some drawings for some patients (the picture above).

I was looking at the young woman who did that scene, she was drinking tea while her gaze was really nowhere. She was not with us. Then she started crying again saying that she misses her son.

She told us to let her cry cause she needed that as she said. After she stopped crying she came next to me and sit in the nearby chair. I remember i prevented her once from going outside the hospital and gave her an ECT "ElectoConvulsiveTherapy" twice. She always remind me of these incidenses. She hold a pencil, a colored one and took a white paper. She wondered what to do. I was waiting to see but the nurse asked her to draw him. She agreed. I interrupt like a child who knows that he will miss all this and said: I want you to draw me something please, can you?

And she drew me this:

I asked her, like a stupid psychiatrist usually do: what is this?

She moved her shoulders up in an expression which I think means "what do you think? is it that difficult?" then said: "it is a flower, to you"

I asked: "and that lady is you?"
she said: "you can say that although I am not beautiful as her"

In my ordinary state I usually say: "dear you are so beautiful" but I don't know exactly why I didn't say anything. I just looked at the young lady with my eyes full of smile and love. She understood. I will miss them all.

At the eveining I went for a walk. I didn't inter into the ward, I intered only one. I saw these patients holding their ward's big cooking utensil and walking to the big hospital's kitchen. They will bring dinner to their ward. They usually don't greet anybody. They didn't greet me. I didn't greet them but I knew I will miss seeing them walking this way.

When I passed by Al Kindie group of wards somebody called me telling me that K want to see me. I went in, K greeted me with a real smile and said: "I knew that this was your last day here and I want to give you this pillow slep that I made with my hands since sometime"

I thanked him and now I thank God that he showed me the career that I really found myself in.


Laura said...

I suspect the lady was making a statement through the transference: she was saying she would miss you (then confirmed by her drawing). Such a gift from the heart.

It is not surprising to me to hear how many people at al Rashad grew to love you, Dr. Sami!

Indigo-Daisy said...

Beautiful post, the time and love you spent there will trickle outwards in more ways than you will ever know.



saminkie said...

Dear Deborah thank you for your encouragement and nice words which really means much to me.

And thank you Laura for your comment which rendered me speechless. so much smiles for you dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sami,
Your patients are so blessed to have you...sure you can't come to America to practice...??? :)

i gave "my" resident a tape (have no idea as how to burn a CD) of songs i like and a card...i get a "new" resident on friday...adjustment is always hard, but i know how fortunate i am to be able to have someone. i miss my other resident sooo much already, he was a gem.

Know how much your patients and we as your readers appreciate all that you do...yes, you have found your call.

saminkie said...

Thank you dear anonymous for your kind comment... if someday I can come to the US, then it is because there are nice people like you dear...

Laura said...

I like your new format, Sami! Cheers!