Saturday, February 10, 2007

am sorry to give you this pictures which contain these ugly frightenening bullets ........ but i just wanted you to know that I have found these bullets in the floor of the hospital .... not in the yard i mean but near the hospital...... on of these bullets.. the one on the left ... had entered into the collidor of the "house of doctors".... the place where we sleep at night if we are on call,,,, the apple and the glass of water is to tell you that life is goning on..... and the books are some of my terxtbooks in psychiatry..... sorry again to show you such an ugly picture ... but i see these bullets every now and then....

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Roy said...

Thanks for the pics (sorry about the bullets). Lillian just told us at Shrink Rap about your blog.

Please keep it up. We'll add you to our blogroll.